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You can find our bakery and grocery shop at:

17 Chandos Rd, Redland, Bristol, BS66PG

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Our Ethos

As well as making everything beautiful, most importantly our cakes and cookies have to be DELICIOUS! We try to make sure that everyone can get in on the action by catering to a variety of dietary needs too.

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Here are a range of gift vouchers that will hopefully tempt you to treat someone you know to a Pearly King Cake creation. These vouchers range from £2.00 for massive Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie to £100 for a HUGE celebration cake. All you need to do once you have purchased your voucher is to contact us to book your collection.

What our wonderful customers have to say about us

Hi Leanne
I mean, you just completely outdid yourself didn’t you? 😂
Those cakes were absolutely incredible and we couldn’t thank you enough. The size of the biggest one...still can’t comprehend how you made it?!
The decoration was spot on, you nailed it- so gorgeous we didn’t want anyone to eat any 🤪
You’ll be proud to know that it all went but just a quarter of the biggest cake. Everyone loved it!!
I don’t know if you saw the table plan, but we named our tables based on our favourite places to eat in Briz, and we obviously had to have a Pearly King table!
Okay, I’ll stop gushing at you now 😂 I need to think of when we can next use you!!

Holly & Rob

Leanne - your Christmas pudding and mince pies were AMAZING. Seriously the best I’ve ever had!! I said that about the (insert another bakery here!) ones I bought earlier in the week and yours blew the socks off them! Thank you.


Hi Leanne!!We had s magical day, it was wonderful 😊
Your cake was gorgeous and absolutely delicious. We loved it!!!!!! 💗💗The cupcakes were little pieces of heaven (seriously ‘another level’ was said to me a few times) and the meringues were soo pretty. Really well done Leanne you absolutely captured the rustic beauty and delicious taste that we wanted for our wedding. It was really super, sending you a big hug.